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The Illyrians (The Peoples of Europe) book

The Illyrians (The Peoples of Europe). John Wilkes

The Illyrians (The Peoples of Europe)

ISBN: 0631198075,9780631198079 | 185 pages | 5 Mb

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The Illyrians (The Peoples of Europe) John Wilkes
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

The first people to recognize the history in this region were the Illyrians, a great and powerful nation that lived in the Adriatic Sea, from Yes to Gulf Ambracian, and in the north to the Danube. In the Bronze Age, the Neolithic population was replaced by the Illyrians, a people who spoke a common Indo-European language. Although there are historical facts that Albanians are old people, that is among the oldest in the Balkans and Europe, today's situation speaks for a nation divided into six states, while the wars with its neighbors are still being possible, because states appetites neighbors are not . The Albanian language is a non-Indo-European language without other close relatives that persisted through periods when neighboring languages were strongly in influenced by Latin or Greek (?). The area of today's Bosnia and Herzegovina has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. The Albanian population in the region grew steadily. A group called the Slavs first arrived in the Kosovo area in the A.D. 500's.Historical records first mention Albanians in Kosovo around 1043. It is possible that the Sumerian dove came to Europe before the great migrations of people. Kosovo <>, also spelled Kosova, is a country in southeastern Europe. There are a lot of words borrowed from the Macedonians by the so-called Albanians; this fact is used by some quasi-educated people, they create lies that the so-called Albanian language belongs to the so-called IE language. Comparisons of the crests in the Vuč edol doves and Illyrian pigeons show certain similarities. The.Illyrians.The.Peoples.of.Europe..pdf. Priština is the capital of Kosovo.Kosovo is bordered by Albania to People. Kosovo city The earliest group of people who lived in the region that is now Kosovo were the Illyrians. The Illyrians (The Peoples of Europe).

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